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Diversity Matters: Sharing is caring…

Travelmaking Kai‘ is a children’s book series for children aged 3+ years. The mission of ‘Travelmaking Kai’ children’s books and animation series is to share stories reflecting our multi-cultural societies, and change how we talk about diversity!

Diversity is beautiful,

diversity makes us unique,

diversity unifies us!

Through meeting people from different backgrounds, Travelmaking Kai is able to learn that it’s our differences which makes us unique… This feeds her curiosity even further!

We believe through empathy children can learn to be understanding people of all races, religions, cultures and beliefs! Instilling this in children from a young age will have a positive impact on their self-esteem, confidence, social skills and cultural understanding.

We’re on mission is to get ‘Travelmaking Kai‘ and her message into as many homes and schools around the world as possible! Find out how you can support the early development stages of the Travelmaking Kai series CLICK HERE

Please sign up to the Travelmaking Kai newsletter for updates on events, workshops and of course – the book release! CLICK HERE

Thank you present TMK


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